Is more than Virtual Reality to these Kids

So how can you help?  Our Kickstarter has launched and moving forward, but we still hope you can help get us to the finish line by ensuring you pledge, even it is as little as five dollars.


If you are part of a MakerSpace, we are asking Makers to help in the assembly and shipping to the hospitals that will be listed later on this web page and KickStarter.  Our first 100 will assembled right here in San Luis Obispo, through the local MakerSpace and its CEO Dr. Clint Slaugter.


If you are VR developer and want to develop or have content already available for iOS, we would love to let it be known through our Kickstarter campaign and this website.


It is our goal to identify every cent needed to make this happen with constant updates on the progress and potential setbacks on a daily basis.  I also plan to make the actual parts available on Shapeways and the printable STLs through Make magazine for anyone who wants to have one under their own tree for that little one in their life.


Being part of a podcast/YouTube channel, I have seen the promises of a number of Kickstarter campaigns make on timing and availability, but it is my goal to secure sources and the case manufacturer well before the Kickstarter launch.  I have also reached out to Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, and Shapeway's CEO, Peter Weijmarshausen to become a part of this ambitious project.


There is a lot of promise for Virtual Reality, but let's make it possible NOW for kids who need a way to escape, even if it is just a few moments into a world of make believe and who knows maybe even create a smile or two.


Thank You,


Michael Balzer

slo 3D creators



Do you want to be part of this ambitious goal to make 500 NEODiVRjrs available to hospitals around the the world by Christmas this year?

Email us at