It is more than Virtual Reality to these Kids

Meet NEODiVRj -- a VR experience made specifically for kids.


















With its removable soft pliable "eye tubings" and hand grip, as well as two 'Game pad' like buttons placed on each side of the case for arcade style play or intuitive interaction with dozens of Google Cardboard apps, along with several demos we are creating like "Alps" a winter snow skiing sim, "Art House, A museum with ONLY the most famous artwork, sitting in Van Gough's painting in "Being Van Gough," or cave exploration in "Cave."  To keep the cost down, we made this specifically for the popular Apple iPod Touch 6G -- the perfect weight, size, and "kid conscious" security, making  this the ideal choice for NEODiVRjr.


At a later date, there will be a head mountable strap, eAVR (environment Awareness Virtual Reality) sensor and a 9-axis Bluetooth "Power Amber" hand controller for complete full body interactivity to bring new meaning to physical therapy. Making it more about the adventure, and less about pain & tediousness.

























In 2009 while my wife Pamela and I were doing Video Gaming Addiction seminars up and down the cost of California, we  talked about how "serious gaming" was changing how we educate and explore science & medicine.  It was an example I used, where the University of Washington was using Virtual Reality to cool the skin temperature of severely burned patients while immersing them in a "SnowWorld."













The results were less pain, more tolerance to the examinations and  dressing changes.  It was this that inspired me to add the use of NEODiVR in my presentation to the Shriners Children's Hospital in Northern California as well as show how 3D scanning could also alleviate some of the suffering with its accurate no contact surface mapping.  The presentation was a resounding success, leading a to a email from the physical therapy department manager on how my NEODiVR "Value Edition" glasses and her iPhone allowed them to finally work with a severally burned boy while he was completely engrossed in a Google Cardboard "Dinosaur" world.












It was this excitement and potential of bringing VR back into a hospital environment that set me out to create the ultimate "kid friendly" VR viewer and unlike Google Cardboard and more recently the Mattel View-Master that were made more for adults, with its larger size face opening and wider IPD, or "Inter Pupillary Distance," as well as requiring two hands and an uncomfortable fit when held up to ones face, and difficult or impossible to use with anyone wiht sensitive skin.  They are also more prone to bacteria due to their one piece design or paper content.




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